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Desert Dreams: Celebrating Five Seasons in the Sonoran Desert

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Arizona wild horses and burros at risk

Stories we are following: Government budget cuts may determine the fate of Arizona’s wild horses and burros
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ASU study shows how climate change affects southwestern supply chains

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Will the southwest run out of water?

 The Colorado River and Lake Mead are at the center of the fifteen-year long southwestern drought crisis. Are voluntary measures working, or does Arizona require mandatory water restrictions in addressing this crisis? With record water level lows at Lake Mead, temperatures and forest fires on the rise due to climate change, loss of annual rainfall and snowpack, continued agricultural irrigation, and population growth escalating, is there still time to prevent the loss of water in the southwestern United States?

Beyond the Mirage


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Beyond the Mirage: The Future of Water in the West is a must see film for anyone interested in global water conservation and climate change issues and those residing in the western United States where the main water source is the Colorado River.  This film does an excellent job of outlining the cause and effect of water use, natural resource depletion issues, what the future may look like, and how people will need to adapt to living with less water.

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HEED® Rating:  Five Stars *****  “A Must See!”

Released 2015


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